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Meet the Team

The Hungry Locavore is a family owned and operated project. Spearheaded by Ryan Poe and supported by his leading ladies, The Hungry Locavore team are dedicated to promoting and supporting our local food systems and supplying our customers with the very best quality food products and service.

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Our Story


The PAST Ryan started his Michigan farming career in Dixboro Village with Ferris Farm, where he farmed an acre plot, a green house, and a heated hoop house for several years. He collaborated with local food co-ops and restaurants to sell the crops, along with Dixboro Farmer’s Market and a small following of locavore neighbors. All this networking and collaboration sparked the idea to curate a weekly CSA box featuring restaurant dishes that incorporated the produce Ryan sold, along with the produce itself. When Covid hit in early 2020, Ferris Farm unexpectedly shut down and Ryan joined forces with Tantre Farm (Chelsea, MI) to work on a similar incubator project under the name of The Immune Booster. Its purpose was to support struggling local businesses through the Covid pandemic by providing a low-risk and socially distant way to sell their goods to consumers.

The PRESENTTo date, the project has supported over 80 local farms and businesses, repeatedly featured in our weekly shares. For some, this has provided a lifeline to their business through the uncertainty of the pandemic, which fills us with pride and motivates us to do even better. There's always room for improvement, and we have taken the opportunity to make our project more visible and accessible to the wider community by re-branding, re-launching and streamlining our processes as THE HUNGRY LOCAVORE. We hope you will join us for the ride!

The FUTURE:  We are excited to push this project to new heights and create an even bigger, more positive impact in our community! Our aim is to spread the word and connect with the undiscovered locavores out there who will join our local food mission. With more support, we can grow and strengthen our network of local vendors and curate more and more exciting and diverse menus that are too tempting to pass up. The future, my friends, is LOCAL! 

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