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Why Eat Local?


Stronger Local Food Economy:  By fully supporting local businesses, we create an avenue of commerce for our local farmers and food artisans by connecting them to the wider community. In turn, we provide our local community with easily accessible food options beyond the industrial agricultural machine. 

Stronger Earth: Eating locally sourced food is simply better for the environment. Less carbon miles, less packaging, no unsustainable mono-cropping, and no chemicals to eliminate pests, enhance growth or prolong shelf life. Sustainable practices used by local farmers promote cleaner air and water, and heathier soil. This encourages biodiversity and protects pollinators that are vital to healthy ecosystems.

Stronger You: Our customers benefit from the freshest and most nutritious food available. Fruits and veggies lose nutrients during transportation, processing, and storage. Eating local retains the maximum nutrients in your food, eliminates chemicals from your diet and ultimately tastes better. There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing where your food comes from, how it is grown and handled. Eating smarter allows you to develop a deeper appreciation of your food. Eat well, be well, do well!

Eating local is better for everyone. The produce in our shares is grown in Southeast Michigan, primarily within a 40-mile radius of Ann Arbor. The prepared foods are created with locally grown or produced ingredients. We work with a growing pool of talented local farmers, chefs, and artisans to source the freshest and most nutritious food available in your local vicinity. The benefits are all-encompassing:

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